1. How do I superlike?

Press and hold the panda icon on a post to make the panda-meter appear. The more you like a post, the longer you hold down the "like" button... the more points will be given for superliking the post.

2. How can I use my panda points?

Stay tuned. Details to follow.

3. What is your privacy policy?

We recommend you read our full privacy policy and terms and conditions to understand how your rights are protected. Here are the links:
Privacy policy - http://pandahaus.com/privacy.php
Terms and conditions - http://pandahaus.com/terms.php

tldr; You own your data and everything you post.

4. Do you store my data after I delete my account?

Your personal information will be removed immediately. For posts and shared content, we'll do everything we can to remove access to content you've created. Content that has been reposted may continue to be available.